Saturday, May 22, 2021

A Special Kinda Day

There is a new flower to discover each day! 
 What a beautiful time of year! 
 This rather large cluster is from the red ginger plant.  
There is a very light but pleasant smell from the cluster--look at how brilliant they are when fully open!
And my first tiger lily is in bloom 
with several very full buds due soon!
the dwarf hydrangea is still gaining more flowers each day; 
 it has been so dry and windy here 
that the flowers need water every day-
it does take a lot of time but I enjoy it. 
I bought a few succulents to go on the garden cart 
Marsel and family brought to me on their visit-
it goes nicely with the patio decorations!

Yesterday I enjoyed being teacher again to a friend that has decided it's time to learn how to quilt!  We had a wonderful time and managed to cut up a lot of her fabric purchased to make her own bed quilt!  Like any good teacher, I gave her homework to be reviewed next week!

Today, I will be stitching the Window's View Quilt 
and frame quilting the 2nd QOV!



  1. I love that cart. My grandmother had one like it on her porch. She had a gardenia in it and I used to love the way it made her porch smell when it bloomed.

  2. So many pretty flowers.

    Keep teaching! We need to keep these needle crafts ALIVE!!!!

    BTW -- I got the yarn from Hobby Lobby. I bought the TABBY color. I did notice a lot of the skeins had broken plies. Hoping I have found one that didn't. I didn't see anything on the parts I could see.

  3. I envy your green thumb, but not enough to start trying to grow plants myself. LOL!

  4. Most of the flowers here are gone. I'm watering plants every day now, too, but that's because it's 110 degrees outside. :/

  5. I hope you have a grand time quilting today. I'm sort of hibernating with a headache. I think it's the humidity here, it's pretty high. The garden cart is so pretty. I would love to have a space for it here. It seems you have more than enough plants to fill it up if you want to.

  6. Love your garden cart!
    I too enjoy watering - it's my "me" time


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