Sunday, May 23, 2021


I worked for hours, squaring up the panel, cutting it into four pieces and sewing the 'window frame' strips into place.  Next, I pieced all of the bottom blocks and then I got sidetracked by the siren call of the lathe!

While outside when I walked about the flowers-I saw how much this pineapple has grown since Marsel and family visited!  It is about 8' tall now!  Another 4 weeks and we might be biting  into its sweetness!

When I made it to the lathe finally, I made a little saucer out of the other side of the piece of Oak.
It is the other half of the hunk of wood so they are very good mates!  A very satisfying 2 hours.
I could see the moon for most of the day--it was nice when it was dark enough for it to look like it belonged up there at last!


  1. The bowl and saucer are just beautiful!

  2. Wow, the pineapple has fattened up fast!! The saucer is beautiful — great idea!

  3. That pineapple looks good enough to eat! Yum! That bowl and saucer are so pretty. It was a great idea to use the other wood for the saucer. Each one I see that you finish makes me wonder how you did it. I'm amazed.

  4. You had a productive day! What a treat to grow pineapples in your own yard.

  5. It still kills me that you can grow pineapples in your backyard! Love it!!!

  6. Your projects are so beautiful. I have never grown a pineapple, how fun!

  7. The bowl and saucer are beautiful!!! :-)


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