Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Catching My Breath


 Socks have been completed....

New socks have been started...

A new piece of wood is on the lathe
And some garage cleaning happened!

Today, I will be home all day-what a treat!


  1. Lovely socks! It is good to be home. Since we were vaccinated I can't keep The Mister in the house and I am worn out from dragging around behind him.

  2. What a nice pair of perfectly matched socks! What's your secret? That looks like a very interesting piece of wood. What are you making with it?

  3. Love it all!
    It's been non-stop here... closing date is creeping up so there's a lot of running around signing papers

  4. Very pretty socks.

    I love going out and about, but sometimes a day at home is a real treat!

  5. Love that Felici! It makes the best socks. The wood on the lathe has really interesting markings. It will be fun to see what it becomes.
    I would like to stay home all day. I miss my days in the trailer more than I should admit. A house is okay, but I preferred the RV. We think we have it sold to some friends we camped with at the lake. They think they have theirs sold and would like ours next week but Dennis needs it for a few more weeks.

  6. Hooray for an “at home” day! Love those striped socks!

  7. You are a sock machine! And a bowl machine too. You need to start putting something I can compare the size to in the photos. Like a skein of yarn, cause I always think the bowls are larger than they apparently are. LOL

  8. Striped socks are my weakness! I love both pair.


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