Sunday, May 30, 2021

A Speckled Sock!

It was a fun knit to work with this Hobby Lobby sock yarn from Yarn Bee ;  it has a lot of sproing to the finsihed sock!  
I bound off while watching a good artist do a line and wash of the Jelly Bean Row houses of Newfoundland!
I knit the leg in a k3, p1 rib. 
 I see a lot more white in the photo of this sock
 but in person it reads more as a neon yellow!
The leg ,when rolled down to a short cuff,
 really shows off the rib! 
 Maybe on the next pair I will knit it P3, k1 just for the texture!

I completed the baseboards in my bedroom-almost -but for the area behind my bed when I ran out of wood again;  I have ordered more for pick-up today after church! 

 I'm ready for a good afternoon nap today!


  1. Those socks are lovely. I think Piper would love a pair of those. I'll have to visit Hobby Lobby with her sooon, so she can pick out her own color. Great job on the baseboard. You do a wonderful job.

  2. Great speckles! You can’t go wrong with neon yellow AND speckles.

  3. I love sproingy yarn! LOL. Are you sure you will be done wiht the baseboards after this?

  4. Glad to hear that you liked the HL Sock yarn. It turned out very pretty.

  5. Speckled yarn always makes me hungry. It reminds me of sprinkles which reminds me of cupcakes.


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