Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Rare Treat!

 On a recent post from Mason-Dixon Knitting, they talked about this author and her book.
I like the idea of trying new techniques and stitch patterns so I splurged and purchased the book.
 These are the three patterns highlighted for December, January and February.
(I'm late to the party for this book was released last March and the KAL has been to knit the pattern of the month all year and therefore, you would have boosted your knitting throughout the year!)
But here is the real treat-something I rarely allow myself, the yarn recommended by the pattern.
I can't wait to dig in!  Do I 'catch-up' with the hat pattern first which was for December?
Do I jump right in for the socks for this month?  What delightful decisions for today!


  1. What fun!!!
    I just discovered that I am as bad with knit kits as I am with quilt kits. Once I have them here I just want to sit and look at them. It must be a sickness. I just can't break into to them and use them. Lol.....

  2. Nice! I've wondered how the book is - will be interested to hear more about it. Let us know how the yarn is too.

  3. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Maybe cast on BOTH!

  4. Beautiful yarn! I would do both! How fun would that be?


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