Monday, January 27, 2020

Catching It

  At the park the other day, not only enjoyed the beautiful time with family,
I also enjoyed the scenery!  
As I was looking at this view for a painting, along came a pelican.
 He was trawling along looking for lunch.
 He had great technique and caught several with his swift motions!
He guzzled them down and swam along looking to do it again and again!
And the sock is finished!  It fits well-note the toe-up gusset and heel;
this was the Boost to this pattern.  I will definitely try it with another pair of socks,
as soon as I finish the next sock!

Off to quilting group today,
I have some areas of quilting that have been languishing!
Time to remedy this situation!


  1. Pelicans are such fun, aren't they? Great looking sock!

  2. The sock is a beauty! Pelicans even visit Wyoming: I've seen them on lakes and even flying high above.

  3. That gusset looks pretty darn PERFECT!

  4. Pelicans are neat, but I don't like them as much as I used to. We watched a documentary on them, and they were raiding other birds nests for chicks! Why can't they just eat fish???

  5. I had no idea you have pelicans in FL. For some reason I thought they were cold weather birds. Silly me. That must have been something to see. I have to say that big birds scare me. I have to keep Pup in the stroller with the hood down when we are out working with the wood. Those eagles are not to be trusted.

  6. That must have been fun to watch. I've only seen pelicans at the zoo and it's just not the same as in the wild.
    The sock turned out great! Love the gussett...looks perfect to me.

  7. Still loving that sock! Aren't pelicans fun to watch?


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