Sunday, January 12, 2020

Share Your Stitches on Sunday

 I had completed the first blue/orange colorwork and wondered if....
 I could just load it on the LK150 and finish the stockinette part-even the short rows!
It was done in minutes! 
 I folded the hat in half and did a machine-knitting version of a 3 needle bind off.
 The I-cord can also be done this way....
 ......and it can be applied to the hat, too, 
and then I finished off the cord on the other side for the ties.  Done!
 The second hat I did entirely on the LK150--Fair Isle included!
In no time I had two little elf hats in the team colors for Syracuse University!
Going to my grand-nieces by mail on Monday!

What are you stitching?


  1. The hats are adorable! I can almost hear the squeals of delight when the package is opened.

  2. Cute! I know they'll enjoy them. It's COLD up there!!!!

    I'm knitting: Cow socks

  3. They are such cute hats. I'm sure the girls will love them.

  4. That is just amazing that you can make those so fast!!! They are just adorable. I love those little tassels.

  5. Lucky Grands!!! You are my only machine knitter that I follow! Im finishing my cowl today

  6. Cute! I need to get DAve's second Valentine sock on the needles, but I'm waiting for my hands to warm up. I just got in and it's darn cold out there!

  7. Love your projects and your blog

  8. Do you have pixies that live in your closets that come out and get all this stuff done!!! You amaze me.


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