Monday, January 13, 2020

Lathe in Motion

 Excitement abounded as I prepared this next hunk of wood--
this one a 6" chunk of a branch
not a burl this time.
 I had to shave the first 1/2" off wood to get to round;  
knocking all of the odd shapes and bark from the branch itself!
The grain is lovely, as typical with cedar, and the smell is delicious, 
but there isn't the complex grain and knots of a burl.
 This is the beginning of trying out new shapes and sizing relationships;
which is always subject to change as your progresses!
 I cut a  tenon in the end once I have a general roundness to the log.
After I have it all smoothed in this step, I will turn the wood segment around --
this is the bottom of the bowl.  There is a specific scroll chuck which will grip this end
when I turn it around.
Initially, the log is attached with the faceplate by screws.  This is the top or future inside of the bowl.
You will be removing this area where the screw holes are as you build your bowl.


  1. The shading in the wood is going to be lovely.

  2. Fascinating! The grain of the wood is really pretty. We noticed when we were cutting up the trees last winter that there were such beautiful colors and patterns inside the logs. We'd never noticed that before.

  3. It must be fun to see possibilities emerge from the wood.

  4. Very neat. Each will be so different because of the grain of the wood.

  5. Like magic! So neat to see the grain appear. We did save a section from our old oak tree, just like you suggested!


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