Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mid-Week FO

 Sometimes it is a short drive from excited departure to agonized arrival to the finish line!
 The inside has a different appearance;  I would have preferred it to look like the other side in a  different striped appearance is all.  Who am I to argue with an esteemed designer and author?!
I have worked double-knit about 10 years ago, in worsted weight yarn, then, too, 
and it has the same affect on me now;  unimpressed.  
Perhaps done in fingering weight, it wouldn't feel so bulky yet 'open' due to the size 8 needles. 
The cast on was the easiest part of the project! 
 I'm pleased with that, at least.
As for the yarn, it is a beautiful wool/alpaca blend; 
 enough wool to keep its shape and enough alpaca to make it soft and warm. 
 It, too, is the author's line of Highland wool and Alpaca by Jen-Arnall Culliford Knitwear.

This hat will be given to my youngest son, who will know none of the drama of the project, 
only of his mama's love that will keep him warm on his early morning job-site visits!


  1. At least it is shades of blue — if you have to handle and re-handle a misbehaving project, shades of blue are soothing and pretty! (Are you convinced?!)

  2. Woo hoo for getting it finished!!! Anything that is double knit is a big win. That's some hard knitting!

  3. And ..............the love is the most important part. It is a very pretty hat.

  4. I like both sides! No doubt your son with favor one side over the other and will appreciate the additional warmth of the inside layer.

  5. That's pretty neat! It will be nice and warm too!

  6. The Mama love will be the BEST part! I do like both sides though and nice and warm for your son at work. Congratulations on hanging in there.

  7. I really like the patterning. A double knit hat has GOT to be very warm. What a great idea. Sometimes I fold up the brim to double it that way, and it does keep the ears warmer, but I haven't double knit a hat. ...


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