Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Be a Big Girl!

 First thing yesterday morning, I ripped out the offending rows
and started out again.  And then once more!
What was it all of a sudden, that I couldn't transition to the next color?!
 The inside of the hat looks like this-more of stacked triangles than
the prominent zig zag of the other side.
They both look nice but I didn't want the one to end with the
pattern of the other all of a sudden!
I will take this knitting with me to the waiting room today;
Bill has a routine colonoscopy and I am his designated driver!
We have been eating these fresh from our tree!  
It's a Honey Bell orange.
Might I say it is all that you would want in an orange!
 And speaking of citrus, 
this is what I worked on yesterday at quilting group;
I cut these tumbling blocks from a charm pack 
and added some solids in fat quarters to make it lap size.
 When I came home, I got to work making the baby blanket again.
I've added extra stitches to the far right here;
it will be an edge that doesn't roll the way stockinette does.  
So when I am done knitting this, there will be no seaming 
and no additional time for edging it!
Well, it works perfectly on my paper anyway!
(You know,  when you make a mistake, it is better not to whine and
instead look where you can make improvements on the original
which you wouldn't think to do, if you did it perfectly the first time!)
 Just before I ate my dinner last night, I put in another row on the QOV .
This panto has a 20" wide swathe of stitching!
Here's a hint at the panto I'm using!
I hope to finish the hat today, and continue working on the other two projects!
What has your attention today?


  1. So many projects! And all so pretty. That orange looks delicious!!

  2. Oooh, the orange looks luscious and juicy. I don't purchase oranges anymore because they seem to be dry with really thick rinds. I got four QOV back from longarmers, so I've been binding like crazy. I have six QOV ready to mail to Montana.

  3. Catching up on all your crafting makes me tired. LOL! But kudos for getting things back on track. Good luck on the finishes.

  4. The hat looks great! You must have a LOT of patience. We love oranges but I agree with Nancy, the store bought ones haven't been very good.
    Have a good Tuesday and I hope the colonoscopy went well.

  5. Ooooooooo...fresh oranges right off the tree and HONEYBELLS at that. It doesn't get much better. Enjoy one for me.

  6. So funny that you would mention eating orange from your tree today... last night I had a dream that I bought an orange tree for just that reason... even though I don't like oranges, and one wouldn't survive here! So weird!

  7. You had me at the orange. I've never had a Honeybell but I hear they are amazing. I also want to try those new types of grapes people are raving about. I need to spend more time in the produce aisle.

  8. Yum on the orange! Love that quilt — that offset design is so very pleasing.


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