Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pressing On

 It is a complete surprise to find that the center of the bowl  is so dense and
therefore, it gives way at the rate of 1 1/2" with an hour of work.
I work for a while and then I need a break!
It was warm out, 84F in fact, so I did spend a good deal of time outside.
 After a good deal of time of reorganizing a closet, I did a bit of knitting before church.
I must admit, I do miss the car-knitting time the trip affords in Spring-Fall!
By the time we leave, it is too dark and I miss the familiar motion while we drive!
This afternoon, I managed to finish the two sleeves and then seamed them all together.
I have knit the button bands on the front and now have the live stitches on the knitting
needle to hole them so I can load them on the knitting machine to now knit a hood.
I will seam up the top of the hood, sew on buttons and have a fashion show tomorrow!


  1. Love the sparkles in that little sweater!

  2. That little sweater is so sweet! Your bowl is looking good. What ampretty wood grain pattern is happening inside.

  3. OMG! That bowl will be gorgeous!!! And what a sweet sweater for a little doll.

  4. 84! I can only imagine. We're in the deep freeze here with so much snow the mail carrier won't deliver anymore and we have to go to the post office for our mail. That's never happened before.
    That bowl is amazing and so is the sweater. You are a lady of many talents!

  5. Even without car riding, you are getting a LOT of knitting done.

    The color of the wood on that bowl is so pretty. Is it cedar?


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