Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Two Completions

 This is where I go to meet the others for quilting group.  
Yes, the azaleas are blooming already!
 The first QOV  is completed and delivered;  I finished the binding 
 and the label sewn by hand onto the back.
I even bound the mermaids today. 
I wondered about who this one would go to and I have decided it will stay at my house to be
shared by all 4 of my grand daughters because I cannot (will not) be making one for each of them!
I will hand soak, spin and then machine dry this today;
I didn't want to toss it into the washer because of the hand embroidery-
another reason to keep it under my care!


  1. I bet that mermaid quilt will become a favorite. The girls will be begging for a nap. My great grandmother had a butterfly quilt that she had embroidered that she used the same way. When she passed they gave it to me, the eldest. I loved it literally to death. There isn't even a scrap of it left but I do have some photos of me sleeping with it even in my 20's-which now seems so long ago. Sigh.

  2. That turned out so well! Can't believe the blooms!!

  3. I really like the effect of the QOV. I know it will be appreciated and thank you for making it. And that mermaid quilt is gorgeous. I think keeping it is a wise decision. Piper would love a quilt like that.
    Flowers already? And I'm worrried about driving almost to Idaho to my cardiologist appointment today. I need to move somewhere warmer where there are flowers in January! :-)

  4. Very nice!

    We always had a laugh about our azaleas in Orlando. They would set their spectacular blooms and then we would get a horrific rain storm and it would knock all the flowers off. Seemed like it happened EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

    We have huge azaleas at our house here. In a few months when everything thaws out, I'll show you. LOL

  5. Congratulations on a fabulous QOV finish. I hope you'll be able to see it awarded and wrapped around a veteran.

  6. That community center is darling! Good idea for the quilt. It will be shared and loved!

  7. Lovely finishes on a lot of stuff! You came through Jacksonville a few hours before us, but I avoid that low bridge over the St John!! I go through town now.


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