Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Two Ta-Da's!

 In quilting group yesterday, I finished the machine mat!
The row hanging down in front of the machine is a row of pockets;
this will help me prevent the sprawl in our shared space!
 I sewed in a rubberized drawer liner so the machine won't slip and slide
and it helps to cut down on the vibration from the plastic folding tables.
The mat rolls right up and is easy to transport!  I'm pleased with the results! 
This is my eighth and final mermaid!
I will pick up some fabric to go with them today when we head to JoAnn Fabric!


  1. Great mat! I didn't even think about it cutting down on vibration! Must get liner and plan my mat ASAP!

  2. Those mats are so clever! I never thought about putting a rubber mat under my machines to keep them from sliding around. The legs on my attachments have a hard time standing up on the slippery surface and I am forever having to unfold them when they snap shut and leave me lopsided.

  3. Clever idea! I've used the rubberized liner for foot pedal mats but didn't think to use it for the machine. Looking forward to seeing the mermaids come together.

  4. When I first saw the mat I thought it might move with vibration and then read the next part! Brilliant! It's so pretty and practical too with the pockets.
    Such a pretty mermaid to join the others. Are you glad to have them done or will you miss stitching on them? Sometimes I have mixed feelings when completing a project that I've enjoyed doing. Happy to be done, but sad to be done. :-) . Sounds silly when I write it down.

  5. Great idea/finish for the Mat!

  6. That mat is a very clever idea! And you know I love your mermaids

  7. awe, the lure and the lore of the mermaid! I don't know who first introduced mermaids to us in literature. Do yoU?


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