Thursday, January 23, 2020

Standing Stitches

 Two quilts hot off the frame-I did them both with the same pantograph yesterday.
I hope to put the binding on them today after I get back from several medical appointments
and a MRI to count the spots in my brain! 
 Routine in the life of a MS kinda person! lol
 I washed and blocked the hat....
And here is the pretty crown design with the strategic decreases.


  1. The crown is pretty! I love when it comes to a star like that.

  2. The crown of the hat looks like a snowflake to me.

  3. I love it when hat crowns do cool things! Best of luck at your appointments!

  4. What a pretty crown on the hat. No wonder you were so persistent to get it right. Good luck at your appointments. Do they have to do contrast with your MRI's? That's the part I always dread the most...getting an IV. My veins don't cooperate well.

  5. Love the finished hat - I agree with Dee, the decreases look like a snowflake.

  6. All wonderful finishes!! I dream of the day I can have a long arm and get so much quilting done!!! Love the hat pattern, but agree, I would prefer the same design on the inside. I tired double knitting, it didn't need a place in my life. LOL


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