Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Works in Progress!

 I am making friends with this new Irish Knit Sweater!  I can't tell you the number of times
I have ripped back to the ribbing and started the pattern again!
It's working out finally and WHY DID I NOT USE STITCH MARKERS? 
I will be putting them in place next time I pick it up! lol
The official name of this sweater, a free one from Lion Brand Yarns, is Inishturk, and island off Ireland which will be worth your peek from this link!
 I am thinking it would be an amazing place to visit in the summer!
 I am sewing covers for the cotton pads to be used for cages at the vet's.
 These were the 'batting' the antibiotic fusions Bill was sent each week for months!
They are about 1 1/2" thick and 14-18" wide.  I cut them into appropriate lengths with this idea in mind. I think they will work well for recovering pets!
 And at the knitting machine, I made this pair of pants for and 18" doll-well the two pattern pieces which I then seamed them into this configuration!  I added elastic in the waistband before I put in the final stitches.  This is a DK weight black acrylic yarn. 
 And to complete the ensemble, a glitzy hoodie! Well, it is under construction but I will work on it again today.  The glitzy yarn is from Cascade, a fingering weight cotton  yarn.
The double-knit hat project went on my needles last night....I worked about this far
and thought the hat looked very big.....
Oh, yeah.
Very big.
I cast on the medium size and this one is looking just right.
Of course, I remember that double-knit (knitting two layers at the same time)
is not a speedy knit.
I am working on remembering that when I cut the yarn at the crown, 
I will have a lined and reversible hat!
Onward, ho!


  1. That sweater is already gorgeous (what’s not to love about so many cables etc?!) and so is the island. What a great use for the packing material from Dad's meds! And the doll outfit is so fun (though I still get heart-pangs whenever I see AG doll-sized stuff, because my girl is too big for hers now...).

  2. That's a whole lotta projects you've got going on - have fun! The sweater is gorgeous.

  3. I knit that same sweater years ago. It was a bear to get started but it is soooooooo gorgeous. I knit it to wear to Rhinebeck but it was too hot to wear it the year I went. I gave it to son. He loves it and wears it all the time up in cold Michigan.

  4. You've got quite a bit on the go. I love the idea of re-purposing for the pet mats!

  5. Using the batting for pet mats is a clever idea: the vets and the animals will appreciate them. Love all of your current projects.

  6. I think that sweater is beautiful and stitch markers will definitely be your friends. :-) Those pet mats are a brilliant way to use the batting. I'm sure they will be much appreciated. Lots of projects going at once.
    Wishing you a great day.

  7. Have you ever seen the movie The Secret of the Roan Innish? I think I spelled it right .>Very inters testing quiet movie

  8. That Irish sweater is going to be STUNNING!


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