Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Finishes

 Fresh from the production line-a new Water Oak bowl.  This one, too, is made from a burl.
It was very hard/dense wood at this spot!  I learned so much more on this one!
 I am finishing the bowl with Shellac to give it a hard seal to the wood.
It will be interesting to see what the grain looks like when it's dried!
 My bowl wasn't the only finish for this Friday!  
May I present a paved driveway!
I'm thrilled!  
(This is looking from my living room toward the road.)
 I added the cut borders but didn't do any piecing will most likely see that done.
 Here is something else I am thrilled with--a new toddler hat!
The tassel gives it a perfect finishing touch!
 The back of the hat is seamed and the I-cord goes around the neck and ends as ties.
A really nice pattern called Tanager by Berroco.
 I enjoyed knitting it so much, I have already begin a new one!
And I cast on for the textured Irish Knit but more on that tomorrow!


  1. I am so excited about your bowls - they are just great! So pretty. The toddler hat is simply darling. I love it! Well done on everything!!

  2. Oh my golly it would take me all day to tell you how much I love all the things you are showing off. Bowls, hats and driveway!! Good for you. What a productive week you had!!!

  3. You've been a busy crafter. The bowl is beautiful!!!

    The toddler hat is so sweet and you are right ... the tassel is the perfect ending.

  4. What talent you have!! The bowl is gorgeous, the driveway divine, and the hat is adorable!!

  5. Love the tassel on the hat. Eager to see the grain on the oak bowl after you apply the shellac.

  6. I love EVERYTHING! Oh my. Hat's, quilt, driveway. Your photo looks like you live in a resort somewhere with all of that green. We have brown and white up here in the frozen tundra. :-)
    I'm off to check out that pattern.

  7. Another beautiful bowl! And that hat - so cute!


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