Friday, January 31, 2020

Freaky Friday Failures!

 I can't think of the last time I joined something like this contest and didn't keep my commitment!
The blanket was finished this morning;  
but even after soaking it to block it out, 
I could see a big 
the corners were too pointy and didn't come to a right angle!
No amount of pinning would correct this error.
 I played around with a sample 
(you know, inventing the wheel all over again)
and could see the error of my ways--see the 90* angle at the bottom of the sample?
It was what I was aiming for 
but instead got the pointy corner at the top of the sample!
 There was nothing for it but a complete rip out!
All 1,645 rows.
All 5 ounces.
At least I can make another one in the future....
but not in time to enter the contest.
See me all dejected....
 And to top it off, the hat was a complete fail--it didn't fit 
and the guys all said yuck to the colors/stripes/zig zags.
I ripped it all out and will knit it up smaller one and send it northwest to my d-i-l.
And I wore this sweater yesterday and after a few hours it was hanging about 4-5" lower 
than when I began.  I am going to rip it all out 
and make another sweater in a different style.
I'm not loving the raglan round neck that just grows.  
I want seams in both the raglan joins and the shoulders--especially.  

So I hope you have had a better week of knitting than I have.

                                   It's time to pull out the artist's canvas and paint!                                    


  1. Yikes —sorry to hear that! How nice, at least, that the process of the making is enjoyable and the yarn mostly reusable!

  2. Oh dear! So sorry. That's a lot of ripping out. Hope the weekend and next week are a bit more successful.

  3. Oh man - that's a lot of ripping. At least you have plans!

  4. Murphy has been spending too much time at your house! Hopefully, frogging the projects will give him the motivation to move on to someone else - just don't send him to me.

  5. Oh no! What a day! I agree with Nancy. Murphy has been busy and needs to move on but please don't send him this way. :-)

  6. If it's any consolation I am having the same knitting week you are. Nothing is going right. The knitting stars are not aligning at the moment. I am bleary eyed from staying up late trying to fix a big boo boo in my vest. I think I'll go paint something tonight instead too.

  7. Sorry for the failures tripping you up, but just look back at all the successes you've had! You ahead in the game, even if this period seems all for naught!


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