Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sock Success

 A good day in the car is a good time to progress on a sock!
 We stopped in to visit the beach after a great time celebrating 
two grands' birthdays.
 The ride home brought us over the Dames Bridge;
Bill always stays in the middle lane to keep me calm! lol
The other side of the bridge is a long decline
and then a low road to the other side of the St Johns River.
The road is like the drive to Key West.
The sun lit up our view of Jacksonville-how beautiful;
very much a summary of our wonderful day!


  1. Our Bay Bridge is just like that bridge. It makes me swoon. You can get someone to drive you over it if you are too afraid to drive it on your own. My mother used to always climb in the backseat and eat an apple when we'd go over on our way to the ocean. I'm that way about the Bay tunnel. I just can't do it.

  2. I can see my old apartment from the there. LOL

    I didn't mind going over the Dames Point Bridge, but I hated going over the Mathews Bridge (the red one). The lanes were very narrow and traffic was ALWAYS bad.

  3. I dislike bridges very much because I'm terrified of water. However Iove looking at water views. Your photos are beautiful. I would love to be able to stop and visit the ocean. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Lovely! It's a beautiful sunny day and it almost feels like spring could be around the corner... but I'm not getting my hopes up... there's still a lot of winter left!

  5. GREAT SOCK!! Thank you for the beautiful views. We have snow snow snow!! and cold. So i love all the blog pal warm weather shots!

  6. Very pretty sock! Thanks for visiting my blog after my long absence. We need our bridges here to get into Seattle; without them it's a very long way around the lake!


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