Friday, January 3, 2020

Feline Friday--Repose

I jokingly call Lena the lap-stalker because the minute I sit down,
she jumps up!
See how she holds onto my leg?
She pricks me if I tighten my leg muscle to stand!


  1. Awww.....I hate that I am allergic to cats. I would love to pick mine up and give them a cuddle. Pup doesn't give me the time of day when The Mister is around but the kitties follow me around just hoping I would give them some attention. They get a one finger scratch for a few seconds and then I'm off to wash my hands before I start wheezing.

  2. So sweet! Does she knead your leg and purr, too?

  3. That is the sweetest picture! I wish Tyg were more of a lap cat, but he is much too independent!

  4. Awww. That's what I miss about not having cats anymore. They were so much company to me. Maybe someday we'll have another. I love how she's holding on to you. She loves you. :-) . That is an honor when a cat lets you know that.

  5. So sweet! Love the bowl you have started!

  6. Lena rules the chair (and your leg). LOL Giroux will swat at me (no claws) if I stopping petting him before HE thinks I should stop. Makes me laugh every time thinking how my life is ruled by 7 lbs. of fur.)


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