Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Masks and Sleeves

 Some more masks for family members.
 Added to the pile and ready now to mail out.
 I did some knitting on the SK280, the standard knitting machine;  
made for finer yarns-this blue is a cotton/acrylic fingering weight yarn.
I knit the rib in a 3 x 1 and then loaded it on the machine before knitting the rest of the sleeve.
The body of the sleeve took only a few minutes more than it took me to knit the 1 1/4" of rib!
And now that the second rib it finished,
I will be making the second sleeve first thing today!


  1. How generous of you to make all those masks! I just read an article about how they are becoming a fashion statement. The crazy times we live

  2. That is such a pretty shade of blue for your sweater.

  3. Mom's been a mask-making assembly line too! We aren't required by the governnment to wear them (yet), but a lot of essential stores are requiring it for entry.

    Our numbers of new cases are finally going down and they are starting to open things back up. I hope it's not to soon. We're playing it safe and staying put for a while longer.

  4. I made a few more masks, but mom and MIL, but the MIL's were still too big even though I tried to make them smaller! Oh well, she said she might just stitch a pleat in them to tighten them up. I will cut the Olson pattern between the child's size and the smaller adult size I was making to get a better fit for her. Love your mask fabrics.

  5. It's so nice of you to make masks for people. I have two, but since I rarely go anywhere I've only worn it once. The fabrics you've used are very nice. I can't imagine sleeves being done so quickly. The benefits of a machine! :-). Have a lovely day.

  6. Finding elastic is like mining for gold. I gave up and made mask with ties.

  7. What a beautiful blue for the sweater. Also, quite a pretty collection of masks. I have used so much fabric and thread making masks. Every time I get a 50 yard roll of elastic, I say I will stop once I use up that elastic.


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