Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Getting Close

 I hung another thread rack 
and played with organizing the different polyester threads used for embroidery.
Now that they are all in one place, I will be able to find the color I want, you think?!
At the bottom of one bin, I found this!
After all of these years, it is still good!
You know what it is?
I held it in my hand and warmed it and remembered the feel of it in my fist....
I've been doing a lot of this and it is getting close to the finish line.
I still have to work on the garage and add my parents in sneaky places!
Of all the places to nap, Lena has decided that the seat I use to sit in while I paint
is the only one she wants to nap on! 
 The minute I get up for something, she jumps right up and settles in!


  1. Silly Putty!!!

    Lena is just like Tyg in that regard. Love your painting and gosh! that's a lot of spools of thread!

  2. I am this {} close to putting my thread rack on the wall next to my machine, instead of across the room!! OK, it's not that big of a room, I can't even claim it gives me exercise to go get the color thread I want, but who knows if I will ever hang it up. LOL

  3. Your painting is amazing! What is it about cats and having to always be where you don't want them?

  4. That looks like silly putty to me!

    Relic has been doing the same thing as Lena - only he's doing it to Dave!

  5. The spools are so pretty and colorful on the wall. My thread is in a clear bin under my cutting table.

  6. That's a LOT of thread! I would love to just look at all of the pretty colors. Your painting is so beautiful and I'm sure it's full of memories for you. Lena wants to be close to you and your scent. At least I think that might be it. Chloe is the same way and even more so now that I'm with her all of the time.
    Silly Putty! I haven't seen or played with that in ages.

  7. What a nice painting! You are talented. Pets have a knack for finding the least opportune place to nap sometimes, don't they? And yes- I remember Silly Putty. I remember sticking it on the Sunday Funnypapers and looking at the image on the putty.

  8. David has silly putty at his desk to keep his hands busy while he is holding still and watching lectures for school! The picture of G and G’s house is looking fantastic.


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