Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Fruits of Our Labors

 Unbolt all of the seats, rip off all of the layers of old vinyl so
 that you could cover the seats with new bright blue vinyl,
 and end up with clean new seats....
 for the golf cart!
 So we could take rides and find beautiful wild life like this box turtle,
who held still for our photos.
 Even the gopher tortoise peeked out at us!
 The sandhills were looking for frogs.
And we tried to count the bananas on the trees!
Yup, the golf cart is an essential vehicle for our numerous adventures each day!


  1. It was nice of the wildlife to cooperate! :) The new seats look fantastic!

  2. It was well worth all that hard worK!!! :-)

  3. What a wonderful place to live. The golf cart looks great. Ours had a flat tire when we arrived at the lake this weekend. Tire repair will be on the docket for this week! You have so much fun wildlife. It's a perfect place for boys to grow up.

  4. We've seen a lot of turtles this year for some reason. I have to be so careful when I cut the grass. The new seats are great. I love that bright blue.


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