Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mostly Yarn

 I've pieced all of the Churn Dash blocks...now to assemble them.  
Today, I will see if I have enough of the paint brush fabric for a border!
This isn't the final layout, it is just the order I built them and put them on the wall.
Already the patriotic quilt is calling to me!
 Isn't this a pretty pair of sock toes?  I am knitting in the Hermione pattern for texture on this pair.
I will up the ante and see how I do with them!
This yarn is another skein of Regia in Native color this time.  
It is a nice dusky red like the colors in the Grand Canyon.
 I also knit a swatch in SilverSpun yarn which was gifted me when I first came home from the hospital.  It is a wonder to be so loved!  This yarn needs to be knit in a larger needle so I had to figure out how many stitches I needed to cast on.  I've got the info I need now to cast on only 44 stitches instead of the usual 64 so these should be on my feet in no time!
This yarn is supposed to be great for people with neuropathy and circulation problems so I've got the perfect pair of feet for these socks!
 Look what I finished spinning!
This 2 ounce skein has 122 yards and is very lofty.  
I will be washing these three Cotswold cross skeins and the Polwarth skeins I spun months ago because it will be a perfect wool drying day! 
While I still want to dye 2 of the 3 skeins and use them on the loom, I haven't made any definite plans.  I will just enjoy looking at them washed , dried and filled with possibilities!


  1. I like Regia yarn, and that Native colorway is gorgeous!!

  2. That is very pretty toe! I've got a skein drying on my bed as I write this. It's been so cold and cloudy all week. It's very damp-more like fall. Nothing will dry. I made some bath bombs yesterday and I bet they are going to be too soft.

  3. Love those churn dash blocks! The solid colors just add to the retro look. Looking forward to seeing it assembled. You have such yummy looking yarn!

  4. Regia yarn is wonderful to knit, and it wears well, too. The churndash blocks are cute with the paintbrush fabrics in the center.

  5. Great projects all. That texture works very well with those reds in the sock!

  6. Love the Churn Dash. I have a Churn top just waiting for its UFO Challenge number to be drawn to finish it up. And those socks, LOVE the way they are knitting up. And who can resist such soft yarn, ummmmm Looks like you have some great projects to keep you busy.

  7. Look at all of that yarn! I use the Hermione pattern often and really like it. It looks more complicated than it is doesn't it?

  8. Nice socks! Regia yarn comes in the most interesting colors, doesn't it? Your Churn Dash is beautiful! Forgot to mention earlier that your mail box re-do is awesome!

  9. I do like those socks! They are pretty Autumn colors. Your spun yarn looks so soft. I love the color.


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