Saturday, January 2, 2021


The vase is finished, completely!  
Well, except for drilling out the center-the drill press needs a new switch which Bill is going to fix today so I can say, "Completely finished!"
Learning how to turn your work around 
so you can remove the waste wood at the end that was in the chuck 
is also a skill that has to be acquired. 
 Creativity is required! 
 I loaded a dowel into the chuck,
covered it with several layers of cupboard lining
 to protect the finished end and to provide friction
 so the vase won't spin around 
while I am trying to work on the other end!
It slipped on with a bit of a twist and then it was firmly in place! 
 I trimmed the waste wood away and finalized the bottom shaping.
 I sanded it and applied the oil. 
 Then I pulled it off the dowel 
and it was the first yippee moment of the year!


  1. Gosh, that required some ingenuity. Delighted to see it finished - the beauty of the grain is going to draw the eye as much as anything the vase will hold! Glad too that you both seem to be on the mend :).

  2. Beautiful vase and I can only assume both you and Bill are feeling better. Great news!

  3. Wow!!! That really is an accomplishment. I am in awe. And to think it was just a piece of wood.

  4. That was pretty smart! How are the two of you feeling? You must be a bit better if you're in the workshop. Still praying for you.

  5. Your skills are really growing.
    I admire anyone who works with wood. I'm terrified of cutting off a hand, or at least a finger.


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