Friday, January 1, 2021


The first of Bill's new socks is finished and the second one is established!  This is the first time that I have used a gusset for his pair of toe-up socks and they fit so much better than the short row heel.  
Since he wears out his socks at the heels first,
 I am hoping the better fit will help alleviate that problem!  
I also have not matched up the color pattern for the second sock
 because it is a long repeat and I cannot afford to lose that much yarn
 since these socks are for a size 15 foot!  
I don't think Bill will notice either way!

Yesterday, as I sat in my chair out front to get some fresh air,
 the view was rather lofty
 and so were my feelings about this last year
 which were fraught with challenges but many more cherished moments. 
 I am ever grateful to God for His faithfulness each step of the way.  I am looking forward to tomorrow but so very grateful for today....

Happy New Year to each of you who visit my blog!


  1. Happy New Year! Your view is lovely. We've got rain today but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60's. I am going to try and get some of that fresh air myself. As much as I love winter, cabin fever is not something I want to add to the mix this year.

  2. Sending very best wishes to you both for a 2021 in which you recover well, and enjoy renewed energy and creativity. You've done well to keep knitting despite feeling so rough ...

  3. Happy New Year.

    That is perfect man-sock color. I can't imagine how long it takes to knit a size 15 foot sock though.

  4. The socks are going to be beautiful and no one will ever notice if they don't color match perfectly. Having enough yarn is MUCH more immportant.
    I hope you're feeling better today. I've been praying for you many times a day, whenever you and Bill pop into my head, which is often.
    I have chosen the word HOPE for 2021. I've never chosen a word before but I think it's a fitting one for the new year.
    Take care and get better. Rest a LOT.

  5. I'm not a knitter, but that sock looks great to me and I'll bet it'll be happy with its mate! :D Keeping you in constant prayer for your health. Hoping you feel better very soon! Happy 2021 to you both!


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