Friday, January 22, 2021

Would I?!

I'm making a square bowl on the lathe!  What a great exercise!  This is the bottom.  Today I will be turning this around and scooping out the bowl portion.
This is the other half of the maple log so it , too, has worm holes.  It is so pretty to work with!
I signed and sealed the first maple bowl.  The signature is working out now and feels natural.  (I sign with the wood burner.)
I also did an hour of sanding on the table top for the drafting table.  I am not taking the wood back to original colors but removing a few decades of dust and grime!  It is smooth and polished now.
I can't wait to sit and draw out the plans for putting base boards in the house!  I have to figure out how many boards we need for each room-I am going to do it a bit at a time-I will put the miter saw to work on this job.  
I also cleaned several old tables and cabinets that will be in the garage sale-there is so much stuff, we could fill another two more portable garages!
It's hard to see, but I also sanded an old cutting board and then polished it with food-safe polish.
I have to figure out what this little table would be good for?  It is only a foot high.  Perhaps we have a piece of glass to go in the top.   

I also finished the table runner on the frame and added my other two borders on the SAHRRQ!

Today we go and sign papers to turn the properties over to the new owner.  It's good timing for us.


  1. I spent yesterday afternoon piling the dumpster up with all the old baseboards and flooring from the bedrooms we redid last summer. We had forgotten all about that pile of debris we had out in the woods. Strangely enough all the old wood was rotted except the Ikea laminate I had pulled out of one of the bedrooms. It was in great shape!

  2. You've sure got lots going on. Looking forward to seeing the finished square bowl!

  3. Was that little foot high table a luggage rack?

    Sounds like you are really getting into the wood working.

  4. I wonder if that little table is actually a foot stool... just missing an upholstered top?
    I'm so glad you kept the drafting table!

  5. Whoa! Do you ever relax? You are getting so much done. I'm impressed that you will be making your own baseboards. The mitre saw always confuses me!

  6. The square bowl is going to wonderful. I’m curious, with all your talents what was your previous occupation?

  7. Are you sure it's a table? Looks like an ottoman without a cushion to me!


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