Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Live Edge Bowl Finish

I did it!  The live edge bowl is finished 
and I'm thrilled with the outcome! 
 It is camphor wood, finished with several coats of shellac.
  If you haven't learned your 'one new thing a day' yet today,
 read this article on shellac!  

The grain swirls and swoops and the bowl has several knots 
which really add to the interest.  
The bark is sealed but good now and there is no danger of it falling off .
The bowl is 7" tall and  5 1/2" wide this time.
Now to figure out how to sign the bowl-a real signature design
 and then I will seal the bottom with shellac, also. 
 If I can get it to look good on paper, 
I will draw it on the bowl and then wood burn it for permanence. 
 (Did you know that wood burning art work is called pyrography? 
 Now you do!)
And I have one pair of fingerless mitts done for a Florida grand.  
We are having chilly (for us) mornings
 and the kids can use a bit of hand warming! 
 Only three more pairs to go!


  1. The bowl turned out perfect!!! What a big win.
    I do love those mitts. The color works out beautifully on them.

  2. Gorgeous bowl! Love it. You could make yarn bowls! The fingerless mitts are darling.

  3. Such a lovely bowl you have made. I love the way you've followed the swoosh of the grain in deciding how to do the lip - makes it so organic. Love those mitts - is there a particular pattern you used?

  4. You've been busy. The bowl is gorgeous, and the mitts are darling!

  5. Cute mitts for your grand, but that bowl! I'm in love. I've said it before but it bears repeating, you are one talented lady. I'm in awe. I have no idea how you did it, but every time you finish something I think I like it better than the last. It's beautiful and a work of art.

  6. Beautiful bowl - your skills are improving with each new technique!

  7. The bowl is beautiful! You'll have to post a photo of your signature. What pattern did you use for the mitts? They are cute, and I like the fun yarn.

  8. Wow, that bowl is amazingly beautiful!


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