Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Isn't this so pretty and yet unusual?!  
This is a sea urchin shell with an air plant glued to the bottom.  It is a birthday gift and just too perfect!
I have it hanging in the kitchen where it will get some humidity--I didn't want it to be hidden in the bathroom--maybe later on but I am enjoying it too much just now.
Bill has been doing a project almost every day--little things that need doing in the house;  here he is adding a timer to the hot water heater in my pantry.  
We will see if we save money by having the water heater turned off every night while we sleep.  I will let you know if our electrical bill goes down. 
See the contented kitty? 
I spent hours in the studio with her yesterday!  
I made hst's and trimmed and trimmed.....I prefer to trim after sewing it larger than needed to get accurate blocks instead of sized with a wing and a prayer!
so I could build some blocks for a table runner.

Soon I had two blocks sewn completely and the other four mostly pieced!  I will finish it today is the plan!
And I finished the other mitt--well, actually, I knit the other one again and made one to match--I used a smaller needle for a tighter fabric which works better.  Now I can send both pairs of mitts to youngest son and wife!


  1. Wow, you are steaming ahead on lots of fronts: wood, wool and fabric! It's always good to find ways of reducing the bills, isn't it. Great to have a live-in handyman too!

  2. You are both busy with so many projects.
    Happy New Year. Until Sunday, we had our daughter and three grandchildren here for three weeks so I’ve been a bit quiet (unlike our house!)

  3. I love the air plant in the sea urchin - looks just like an octopus!! That's a very cool idea.

  4. The plant urchin is very cool!
    Thanks for sharing how you do HSTs. I have so much trouble with accuracy in sewing. This is an approach that might work for me!

  5. Lots happening at your house! The air plant idea is really cute. Alien or octopus? :-). Good for Bill. We wanted to put an on demand water heater in our house but were told the utility room was in the wrong place in the house for venting properly. A timer is a great idea.
    Glad you got to sew. Your fur baby seems very happy that Mom was back where she "belongs". Ha!

  6. I also make my HSTs about a quarter inch larger than the pattern states. I’d rather trim than trying to otherwise make them fit. Lena looks content

  7. That does look like an alien!!! Between you and Valerie I've been getting a workshop in HST this week. Mine are terrible. I'll have to give your idea a try.

  8. I wasn't quite sure what that was! LOL. ScientistGirl is learning the joys of apartment living where they pay for utilities. She's not too happy with their bill for a 2 bedroom apartment. Just wait until that's a house!

  9. I have seen those before! They are so cool!

  10. You've been busy!

    Enjoy your little air plant. I brought a couple from my Florida days. Sadly, they were NOT happy in the north.


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