Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Fat Quarters to Quilting

I am going to join in on the Stay at Home Round Robin Quilt Along #2.  I did a bit of figuring for week 1's directions to make a center block.  (it started last week but I wasn't ready in time!)
I cut out all of my pieces and made the hst's as needed.
Soon, I had all of the pieces sewn and was ready to think about some more math.
I had to add a 1" border to separate the center from the next round.  (you have to think about the size for the blocks to work out for the next round of blocks!)
I got this far with Chris's prompt for the week and Bill came in the house with the news that we are closing on the house this Friday!  We dropped what we were doing and headed over there to finish the house--I scrubbed and cleaned and the place is spit-spot now!  We have a ton of stuff to sort and get it ready for the garage sale in a few weeks!  We worked over there 3 hours and another hour once home again emptying my car! 
I needed to unwind at the lathe for 30 minutes before dinner! A new Maple bowl is beginning to take shape.  I'm going to be trying a new-to-me shape on this one!


  1. Are those fabrics from one of the collections that came from Aunt Bett’s stash? Happy-sad on the train house! I’m sure it will be good to have it all done.

  2. That block is gorgeous!!!! Such pretty material...

  3. Very pretty block. Maple wood is so beautiful - have fun!

  4. Your the third blogger I know who is participating in the Stay at Home Round Robin. It’s fun to see the variety of blocks you are each using.

  5. That block is so pretty! I know you'll be glad to hae the house closed and one responsibility over.
    Guess what I picked up in our mail this morning? A beautiful, beautiful snowman! That was truly so sweet of you and I'll cherish him always. He has the cutest little face and I love that you signed him. Thank you SO much. He will sit out all year and have a special place in our new home too.

  6. That block would make a really pretty Christmas-themed quilt.

  7. Oh, I love your start!!! It will be a lovely piece. And so glad the house is selling and you don't have that lingering. Can't wait to see the next bowl!

  8. What a beautiful block! And such a complicated one. I love the colors. I am thinking of joining in, too, and just washed some fabric. We'll see.

  9. Does a “stay at home” round robin mean you do the whole quilt yourself?


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