Monday, January 25, 2021

Living it Up!

 I did finish the second sock last night.
The blue is so striking;
just like the sky over the ocean on a Spring day!
#1 needle, 64 stitches with the little lacy insert
Second pair of socks for the year.
Off for the annual MRI today.
It takes several hours- brain scan and then my neck and then we do it all again with dye the second time.
The 'tube' doesn't bother me, and the dye doesn't affect me but the really awful part--I can't knit the whole time! lol


  1. Very nice finish! Hope all your tests go well. I hate things like that - not being able to knit or anything makes them feel like such a suck of my time!

  2. I wish I could do MRIs without freaking out, but that claustrophobia is strong within me! Hope it's all clear! Gorgeous sock!!!

  3. I didn’t mind the “tube” on MRI scans I had in the past. MRIs are no longer an option for me since my pacemaker is not MRI compatible. Love the lacy blue sock.

  4. Beautiful sock

    I have a bad habit of cat napping during an MRI. I've had three and the techs are always amazed I can doze off. People are more prone to panicking than sleeping.

  5. I have an MRI compatible pacemaker and I've had two in the last five years. I hate the time waste too and don't mind the tube. I usually spend the time praying and sometimes doze off.
    I hope it all goes well. I can't believe you were able to see to knit those beautiful socks.

  6. Very pretty socks! You are a speedy knitter. I just started again on a pair of blue socks. It must be blue season! Hope your MRI went OK; that's not a fun way to spend the day.


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