Thursday, January 14, 2021

A Trifecta

I sewed all of the pieces into blocks and found an arrangement I liked for a wider table runner. 
 (There are lots of 'formulas' for knowing how large to cut your triangles to make hst's but I have a very easy way to do them--otherwise, I wouldn't remember! lol
I know how large I want the half-square triangle block to be-in this case 3 1/2" -so I cut the two fabrics for the block into a squares 1" larger-in this case 4 1/2"..  Place the two squares right sides together, mark the diagonal and sew 1/4" from each side, cut it apart, and press and then trim.  It is overkill but I find it easier to trim when I don't have to skimp on the trimming!  And it is easy to remember to cut the squares 1" larger then the desired block!)
I also enjoyed some time at the lathe;  finishing the hollowing out for this bowl.  I have several more coats of finish and sanding and finish and sanding but when it is smooth as can be, I will turn this around to sand the bottom and have a completed artsy bowl!
I used the knitting machine to make a hat-in-a-hurry  so I can send these off to youngest son;  I talked with him yesterday and he was freezing when on the job site early in the morning!  (We have very chilly early morning temps in the 40's all week which is drastic for us!  You really do acclimate to where you live, you know!)  


  1. I am sure you achieve more in a day that I could in several weeks. So satisfying to see your completed projects, each so unique. I have fondness for that organic-looking bowl.

  2. That is going to be a cool runner! and wow!! A lathe project - what a neat looking bowl!!

  3. I'm sure you son will appreciate the hat for sure. Love the yarn.

  4. As usual, you are so busy. Love the hat!!

  5. I prefer to make my hst squares a little bigger too - just so there's wiggle room!

  6. Look at you. So busy. I cleaned the RV top to bottom inside this morning. I left the furnace set at 60F which is where we keep it at night, by the time I was done cleaning I was red and sweaty. It felt like 90 inside! But I got it all done in an hour. Small spaces still need toilets/showers scrubbed! :-) Sheets were changed and vacuuming and dusting done. This afternoon I'll be able to sit and cross-stitch.
    Your projects are all so nice. I'm sure your son will appreciate the hat. I dug mine out this morning for Chloe's walk as it was 21F. Mittens and hats were needed.

  7. I've got an old table runner Dad made sitting on the Juki right now daring me to figure out a way to quilt it. There's a lot of empty space that needs to be filled up and I am wondering if I should take the sandwich apart and add more to it....

  8. You sure do keep busy! Love those blocks; they will make a pretty table runner.

  9. All your projects are lovely! I laugh at your 40°, I tend to walk around without a coat in that weather!


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