Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Square is Cool!

The square Maple bowl is completed!  I only had to sign and finish the bottom of the bowl when I got home after the MRI.  I did fine and will get results next week.  
The bowl has worm holes and trails...it is very unique!  It measures 5 1/2" square and 2 1/2" deep.

I'm always happy to see it sits flat and level on the table!
Signed and sealed, it is ready to go in the mail to my Dad for his birthday!  Shhhh!  He is turning 88 next week!
Just before bed last night, I finished the second mitt in Lion Brand's CoBoo yarn.  Silky smooth and very comfortable.  I sure was glad when I brought mitts and socks to wear in the 'tube' yesterday--it is freezing in there, no matter that it was a very warm day outside!
In fact, the sunset last night guarantees another warm day today-red sky at night and all that!  It is nice to get a reprieve from the chilly temps we have had this winter--I will sit in the sunshine for you today, if you are having snow!



  1. That bowl is absolutely gorgeous! What a fun gift for a guy who’s hard to choose gifts for!

  2. What a beautiful finish on the bowl -0 so unique and so pretty. Your Dad is a lucky guy. Happy Birthday to him!!

  3. How retro! It looks like the bowl everyone had on their coffee tables back when I was a kid. My grandmother had fake fruit in hers and we used to love to chew on the rubber grapes when she wasn't looking. My mom had wooden fruit in hers and Daughter still has the wood apples that she was fascinated by as a kid.

  4. We've got a snow storm today. I really can't complain though. It's been a pretty mild and tame winter so far.

  5. It’s snowing this morning, so please soak up some sunshine for me. Your Dad will adore the bowl. It’s the perfect size to collect pocket change and corral keys.

  6. So glad everything went well. I was thinking to bowl would be perfect for a man to catch keys, coins, etc., and then you said it was going to your Dad!
    More snow here this morning but just an inch or so. The news says snow every day this week but not large amounts like the midwest got. Mandy said yesterday was the most amount of snow in one day since 1975 according to their news. It was funny, because I had just told her a story yesterday of me waiting for the school bus in 1975 for over an hour before a woman walked down the streeet and told us all to go home because school had canceled.

  7. Glad all went well! I wish our hospital rooms around here were cool, they are always burning hot! Hate to dress for outside weather when I know I will incinerate when I get in the medical buildings. Love the bowl!!!

  8. A square bowl! Now that is the neatest thing I've ever seen! Your dad is going to love it!! The big blizzard storm on Monday missed us (not by much), but the second, weaker, storm came through last night -- we got maybe an inch, and it's already melting. We're supposed to have mid- to upper-50s for several days starting on Thursday. I miss sunshine... c'mon Spring!! LOL! Hugs and blessings, my friend! (Yes, I got your note via my contact form, so sorry for not replying, have had a lot going on here.)

  9. Beautiful bowl,and what a nice gift for your dad. No snow here, just cloudy skies and the other day we walked back home in a hail storm! (The hailstones were small luckily.


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