Sunday, January 31, 2021

Depth Perception

My left eye did better yesterday...I was able to see, mostly, without pain in it.  Unlike my right eye which was still a misery and so I taped it shut and it then wasn't as painful at bedtime last night-- which was a major improvement.  I am well acquainted with pain yet the eye pain put me right over the top of endurance!
So I still didn't do much yesterday but by late afternoon, I was going stir-crazy.  I had loaded this hunk of wood on the lathe the other day so I decided to try a little bit of turning.
Do you know that with only one eye, you lose your depth perception!  I know this is true but it sure was driven home yesterday.  I moved so much slower and that wasn't wholly a bad thing.  After a few hours of persistence, I had the bottom of the bowl finished.  This is a piece of Camphor.
I turned it around on the lathe and will get to it again later today.  You can see how much wood was removed just on the one side of the bowl;  there is three times this amount on the floor!  I usually clean up completely at the end of my lathe time but I had to walk away this time...I can guarantee the mess will be there for me later! lol


  1. Whoa.....that's a lot of shavings! We cut a dead tree down the other day and finally got around to raking up the mess but you got us beat!
    Feel better soon.

  2. I'm so sorry the eye pain is still there. I hope when you woke this morning that it was much, much better.
    That's a LOT of shavings. I hope a little helper cleaned up for you during the night! lol Remember the story of the shoemaker and the elves?

  3. That is a ton of shavings - I hope doing that didn't irritate your eyes more! Hope your eyes are much better this morning!


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