Monday, January 18, 2021

The Beauty of Wood-New and Vintage

After church and lunch, it warmed up enough for me to go in the garage and play in the woodshop.  (5 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" tall)

The Maple bowl is finished--it is thrilling to make something beautiful.  This bowl was finished way too quickly!

Here is the size of the split log the bowl started as; I can't wait to try another one, I have a fun shape in mind for this one.  First thing tomorrow-well after it warms up again, I have a project to finish since the tool I needed arrived Saturday.

Bill discovered this drafting table in pieces, filthy and covered in cobwebs.  Thankfully, there were no living insects to deal with!
The wood drank the Howard's Feed 'n Wax but it immediately brought the beauty of the wood and metal back from its doom!
The elbow grease paid off and this is indeed a thing of wonder!  The label (in the center of the top horizontal brace) which says it is a Hamilton wood goods, steel goods, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, made in the USA.  A quick search on Ebay says that it is selling for $900-$1000.   New ones sell for $675.
Bill had hoped to get at least $50 at the garage sale!
  Now I have to decide to if I will sell it or to keep it!
It is really a thing of beauty 
and history just oozes from every inch!  Sigh.
I started a pair of socks with the little lacy is calming.


  1. The drafting table is absolutely gorgeous! What a surprising and fun find! The bowl turned out beautifully... the unique color and grain —and finished shape — of each piece is so fun to see.

  2. Love the bowl. The knitting is a pretty colour.
    I’m knitting again, about fifteen beanies since Christmas between DD and I. For homeless men...

  3. Pretty! I was just watching a podcast where someone was showing off wood yarn bowls that had a few cracks and splits in them-all from the natural wood pattern of course. That table is a treasure. I was just wishing I had a big table to work on but room.

  4. Lovely bowl. The table is a real treasure!

  5. Beautiful bowl and yes, that drafting table is a treasure for sure. What a beautiful piece! I would be keeping it!

  6. Nice job bringing out the table’s beauty. It’s satisfying to refurbish old furniture.

  7. I'd be holding on to that table if it were me :). It's so lovely when the grain of wood is revitalised ... Your bowl is just stunning, both is shape and finish.

  8. What a beautiful thing that table turned into. You found a gem! I think your bowl turned out beautifully too. So much fun around your house. I'm working on mittens since I got a bit behind while cross-stitching and making Dennis's sweater. I have a goal of two pair a week and I'm 8 pair behind. Well, six now because I made two pair yesterday.

  9. Nice that you revived the table; it's a treasure. Love the yarn color and that beautiful maple bowl that you just finished. So what was that cold Florida temperature? ;>)


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