Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Wood and Wool

The new tool came today-it is the one with the light wooden handle.  The tool on the left, a bowl gouge, is what I have been using to hollow out bowls and it works fine on open bowls.
But you can see how the geometry just wouldn't result in the same angle as I can get with the hooked tool, called-surprise-a carbide hollowing tool!  Doesn't this picture perfectly what it feels like when you are being worked on by the dentist!?
  I had such a laugh when I took the picture!  
The tool works well, I was able to put it right to use pretty quickly 
and I will have it done today!
I also completed the second mitt for the dark green children's mitts
 and started the adjusted Tough & Toasty for youngest son!  
The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn and I had worsted weight I wanted to use--just a bit of math to get the numbers right and voila! 
 I will finish the second one for him today 
and then send them in the mail with the pair for his wife!


As I titled this post, Wood and Wool, I noted that the words were so closely spelled-just a one letter difference!

And that sent me down the rabbit hole of other similarities; 

 namely, both come from living hosts,

 both have to be cut from its host before it can be used,

both are used to warm us....

Can you add to this list?



  1. Everything was fine until you mentioned the Dentist! LOL Seriously though, that is an interesting tool. The mitts certainly look cozy!

  2. Wood and wool....something I spend all day dealing with here in my little corner of the forest. What I think of is WORK. It takes so much of it to turn a dirty fleece into yarn and as for wood....don't get me started. We took down a dead tree the other day and I don't think my heart has recovered. It was really scary.

  3. I did laugh out loud at the similarity to the dentist. I hadn't thought about how much wood and wool are until you mentioned it. It is interesting how much they have in common.
    I did see the Harbor Freight flashlight. We have several of them. Very handy.

  4. Interesting tool! I love that bow that you added to the green mitt!

  5. Great to see the tool in use, but I winced when we got to the dentist bit. Apart from the fact that both wood and wool are natural, and can be made into lots of other things, I think you covered the bases very nicely :).


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