Friday, January 8, 2021

Halfway Projects

A new live edge bowl on the lathe. 
 The shape is kinda like a globe;  which is a result of a goof on my part
 but I was very happy with the accident!
 The bark is narrow and wide on opposing sides---this one will be very interesting!  I had to order a new tool for hollowing shapes like this
 since the inside diameter is wider than the top. 
 It will be here on Monday so I will take it off the lathe
 and work on a new vase for now.

I only made one mitt of the pair--I need to remedy that 
before I head to the lathe today!
Isn't this pretty?!  It is a bromeliad variety 
that has a very complex flower--most bromeliads only color their leaves instead of producing a distinct flower. 
 No aroma, of course, but it sure is pretty to see large clumps of color!
Lena still sleeps on her mat on my sewing table--she is waiting for me to hang out in there again! 


  1. That bowl is going to be very interesting! Cute kitty.

  2. We were cutting down some dead trees yesterday that had some interesting wood patterns and I thought of you. I'll never think of wood the same way after seeing your projects.

  3. I am loving your raw bark bowls!!! Can't wait to see how this one turns out. My boys follow me upstairs and down, but the old dog has definite claim to the sewing room chair and the recliner downstairs. Don't even try to move him off of them! LOL

  4. Poor Lena. She misses you!
    Your woodworking is amazing. Wood is just such a beautiful, natural material!

  5. The live edge bowls are my favorite, (after the snowpeople of course), of your projects. I find it fascinating to see what you make out of a piece of what most of us would look at as firewood.
    Lena is lonely. It's time to sew! :-)

  6. Can't wai to see how your bowl turns out, I love the asymmetry to it.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. I almost always have a least one cat with me in the studio. Sometimes it's all three!

  8. Awwwwww...Lena is holding her tail. She looks so sweet.

  9. Here's another who loves the asymmetry of your bowl and that roughened edge. So pleased you are feeling better enough to be at the lathe. Gosh, what it must be to have a climate like yours, producing such lush foliage! We are under inches of snow.

  10. Such a classic Lena pose! Gorgeous colors in the flowers and the mitt. And the bowl is already beyond gorgeous!

  11. That bowl incident is proving very interesting! What kind of wood do you use? Most of your plants are house plants around here. It's been rainy and chilly a lot recently. Cute kitty!


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