Saturday, January 16, 2021

Time to Empty

We built this yesterday-it will have to serve double duty--we will be moving the furniture into it from the home that sold and in early Feb, we will be having a garage sale of everything inside!  We built up a floor so that if it rains, the contents will be high and dry!
Once we were done, and after a bit of lunch and a rest, I went out to the lathe to unwind.  Bill had found some Maple for me to turn!  It was so exciting to try something new for a change! Each tree has its own characteristics.  I loaded this half of a log and began to see what I could reveal.
A shallow bowl will emerge!  I have the outline and will now mount this end and begin hollowing it out next.  But not today....we will be doing the big move today!  Both sons are coming to do the heavy stuff and help with all of the trips in and out all day!  I've made lunch in the crockpot for us, and have a loaf of bread in the bread machine so when we drop, we will be able to be eat at least!
Last night I finished the mitts for Matthew--he will appreciate the warmth for his early morning calls, too!  



  1. Daughter sent me a photo of her new apartment filled with boxes from their move. I have no idea why they didn't just get a storage unit but that would have made sense I
    I bet that maple smells good. I love the smell of the wood when we saw it up. Every tree smells different.

  2. Are you moving?

    Good luck with all the work today.

  3. Sounds like a big job! Too bad you live so far away; you could find LOTS of maple here. I love the color of maple wood.

  4. Looks like you have things in hand and lovely crafts to round out your weekend!

  5. Big job for the day. Moving is never easy, even if it's not your own house. Beautiful hat and mitts, I know he will appreciate them. Good luck and don't overtire yourselves.
    The house in Omaha sounds like a "GO" for us. We talked to a realtor this morning to draw up all of the legal paperwork, etc. A lot of $ but worth it to know everything is above board and legal. Then I spent two hours face-timeing with Mandy, talking decorating, etc. She has really good taste and I'm excited to live close to her to help me with it all. Dennis's Mom is above the moon today when we talked to her. I want to go now, not wait until summer.

  6. That's a great storage solution, and it looks like a really useful space! Id' be tempted to keep it up in my garden for the rest of the year, and pop a chair and a rug in it - nothing like reading in a cosy tent when it's raining. Hope it all goes well, and you sound very prepared. Your maple bowl is going to be beautiful ...


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