Thursday, January 28, 2021

Plans and Re-Plans!

I tackled this week's prompt ;  I vacillated between 6" blocks and 3" ones.  Since there are 3 more prompts, I will have a bigger quilt than I am used to making for charity quilts.  As I look at the picture here, I think these blocks are too large and out of scale.  Sigh.  What a pain but I will make some small blocks today and compare them!  I think I already know the answer but it will ease me into the recutting all of the pieces!!!
Lean advised making the bigger ones and to remember to brush her between each block made!
Look at the wood Bill harvested for me--grapefruit wood is the vertical piece, there is sycamore in the back and some grapevine in the forefront.  Let's see what I can do with each!
I've completed another pairs of mitts;  the yarn is CoBoo in the back and the darker pair is Berroco Comfort DK yarn.  I am going to try a pair of Mosaic mitts next while I wait for some sweater yarn to arrive!

We signed papers yesterday-the sale is complete and we have the money in the bank to prove it.  An end to a chapter....


  1. That tail made me laugh out loud!

  2. What a great collection of wood! Love the little tail....

  3. A beautiful block with Lena's help. Sorry you need to re-cut everything though. A big pile of wood too! You'll have plenty to keep you busy for awhile. It's sweet of Bill to harvest it for you. I'm sure signing those papers was bittersweet with all of the memories you've had at the property.
    I wish we had stayed in one house all of our kids growing up years. The "new" house will be our fifthy since we married! I do appreciate the fact that it's taught me how to make a house into a home wherever we are. :-)

  4. I had a hard time with this week's prompt, but I finally found my solution yesterday. I'll have a post about it on Sunday.

    You are just whipping out those mitts! It's definitely mitt weather here. I had to pick up my truck from the shop this morning, and I definitely needed my gloves!

  5. It took me a bit to find that tail! Good job on all the mitts!


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