Saturday, January 28, 2023


I know, I make so many hats but I hate to wear them--only in a blizzard will you find me wearing one since I got glasses--20+ years ago! lol  So when I saw the pattern to make earwarmers on the Sentro knitting machine, I thought I should try it.  I had some leftover handspun yarn-some of the same yarn I had made the scarf from which I thought would feel nice and coordinate with the scarf!  It was a breeze to make \and I will be making a lot more of these in the weeks to come! 
 (We keep getting the cold northern winds here
 and it has been in the high 30's again the last few mornings!)
See what it looks like on?  
I can fluff my hair on top of it
 and it doesn't make me cringeat the sight of it on my head! 
 This will be good to wear without ruining a hairdo
 as a beanie does to short hair! 
 (Don't pay attention to my serious expression--I took the pic before bedtime and I look like I need to go to sleep--which I did right afterwards! lol)

Today, I am off to a QOV sewing day-there are 16 of us who will be sewing  blocks, sewing together blocks and just plain enjoying working together!  (our group leader will be away on the 'real' QOV Sew Day so we scheduled it a bit early!)


  1. That is really pretty! I was going to scold you for not smiling, but you beat me to the punch! :) Would you please send me the pattern?

  2. Looks very warm. I only wear a hat when I have to shovel snow. So far this year we have not had any snow to shovel. A few flurries was all we could manage. But, it has been chilly. Not hat/warmer cold though, except for Christmas week.

  3. I love it! They are quite the "thing" this year. I do love the headband I made but it's still too chilly for it here. The temps may be on the mild side but that wind is still very much winter and it goes right to my head giving me a headache every time I venture out without a 2 layer hat. I noticed my crocus popping up this morning so here's hoping that chilly stuff is nearing its end. If we don't have snow we might as well have spring.

  4. Love it!! I can see a bunch of those flying off the machine.

  5. Nice work on the ear warmers. That pattern would also make a pretty cowl! It would be fun to watch you at work, both on the quilt machine and doing your woodworking. It's pretty chilly here today!


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